How to set-up and configure Suls (E2m3u2bouquet) for IPTV on Enigma2

To add IPTV Bouquets to an Enigma2 devices one of the best and most complete options out there is E2m3u2bouquet (aka Suls). It was developed in python and based on the basic code that I created to add bouquets and epg to E2 but really took it to another level completely. It is my go to addon for IPTV on E2 these days.
You can catch up with the latest news and releases on their page @
There’s a few different ways to install the plugin IPK, SSH/Telnet, FTP or view the plugin feed and this 2nd option is the one I will cover here.

Installing the Plugin

  • Go to plugins click green to download plugins.
  • Navigate to Extensions section and look for E2m3u2bouquet
  • Install the extension
  • Exit the download plugins section

Configuring the your Sub in the plugin

  • open the E2m3u2bouquet plugin itself


  • Go to providers section and click the green button.
  • At a minimum add the IPTV service name and click save and then exit.
  • In the plugin main menu click  on run and it will take a minute but will create the config file
  • On a laptop ftp to your box @ /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet
  • Open the config.xml and add the service URLs
  • The key lines to update are the below m3uurl and epgurl, There are others but these can very easily be changed in the plugin GUI if needed.
  • The below are an example where you can change the SERVER:PORT, YOURUSERNAME and YOURPASSWORD to the one from your sub:
  • Save the config.xml back to the box via ftp
  • Go back into box menu above and run it again
  • You now have the service setup and can go back into providers, select the one you created and change options as you need , eg
  • if you want to update the bouquet automatically go into configure option and change the settings eg below are my settings

Tweaking the Bouquets and channels available

  • FTP to /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet
  • A new file will now be in that folder called providername-sort-current.xml where providername is the name you entered above when setting up providers section in the GUI.
  • Open that and change “true” to “false” you can hide bouquets or channels eg changing <category name=”Movies” nameOverride=”” idStart=”34300″ enabled=”true” /> to <category name=”Movies” nameOverride=”” idStart=”34300″ enabled=”false” /> it will hide the IPTV bouquet “Movies” bouquet from your provider.
  • Save the file as providername-sort-override.xml
  • FTP the file to /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet
  • Run the plugin again

Note: If your provider adds new bouquets they will automatically be added when you run the e2m3u2bouquet plugin again and you will need to perform the exact steps above again, this time the previously disabled bouquets and channels will still be disabled in providername-sort-current.xml

Configuring epgimporter to assign epg to IPTV bouquets

  • Once the bouquets are created go into epgimporter
    • Suls-epgimporter
  • Click blue (sources) and then there will be an entry for IPTV Bouquet Maker – E2m3u2bouquet
  • Expand that and then select providername IPTV


  • Press the Green button to save the changes.
  • Now back at the EPG import configuration screen press the yellow button to run a manual import
  • You will be prompted to confirm and then the import will begin.
  • The import should show a large number of events being imported for each selected option and will take a couple of minutes, you can now leave this screen.
  • This import should be scheduled for daily update if source files are updated daily (see example above).
There are options for IPTV providers to config and setup a template for all users if you want you’ll have to do some reading on their site for that

42 thoughts on “How to set-up and configure Suls (E2m3u2bouquet) for IPTV on Enigma2

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  2. Hi, Many thanks for the guide. I managed to get it all working except for the epg side. The two provders that i have tried and another that i have emailed have told me that there is no separate epg file / url provided but as i understand it i need to enter a link to a specific file. Does the file need to be specific to the provider or can i use a generic one. Any help appreciated. Thanks


    • Yes you can use a generic epg file but I doubt you will have many channels with epg as you will need the channel ID in the m3u to match the one in the epg file. Have you tried using the url format above and plugging in your server and other details into it. some suppliers / resellers say they don’t have epg available but when they try it is available.

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  3. Hi

    Thanks that makes things clearer.

    I did try using the same url for the epg but when i went through the process of adding the IPTV Bouquet Maker i did notice that the feed url box and the epg url box when viewed through the extension after i had set everything up didn’t actually display the providers url but it did show some the rest of the url path. I then corrected the url part for both and it worked for the bouquet creation so i guess that must have been correct but if you don’t mind could you confirm the correct layout of what should be included in the epg url.

    Many thanks


  4. Ah thanks….. So as i test it a file downloads for the channel feed but not for the epg.

    The channel feed has this after the password “&type=m3u_plus&output=m3u8” so should i not add something the the epg one ?

    Thanks again


  5. Sorry that sentence made no sense…try again 🙂

    Ah thanks….. So as i test i entered the channel feed url and that downloaded a file but it did’nt work for the epg url.

    The channel feed has this after the password “&type=m3u_plus&output=m3u8” so should i not add something the the epg one ?

    Thanks again


  6. Hi Tommycahir,
    First, thanks for the guide, very clear.
    So far, I have set-up my channel list (with epg – URL based) and everything works great. But when making a custom list by creating/editing/FTP-ing the “providername-sort-current.xml” and re-run the plugin, I still get the full list of bouquets (and channels). Tried rebooting, still same unchanged list. What am I missing? Cheers.


      • I also have problem with this.
        Used notepad++ xml editor
        renamed it to “iptv******-sort-override.xml”
        (name of my provider)
        Everytime i restart/reboot anything i get full channellist/bouquets list
        In config file, its set to Activate to use Override.xml
        you have any idea of what ive been missing?


      • and you are saving the override file in /etc/enigma2/e2m3u2bouquet/
        the “Disable service ref overriding from override.xml file (0 or 1) ” doesn’t refer to the sort override file so that should be set to 0 / no in the config.


  7. Hi great info but unfortunately I’m struggling I’ve downloaded the plugin and entered the correct URL, username and password then when I create bouquets it’d finished in 1 second and there’s nothing in my channel list. Any ideas?



  8. First of all, what a great job with the guide Tommy, very clear & precise. Top stuff.

    I managed to follow it through & have setup my Vu+ Duo2(Vix4). There is stuttering on some channels, am I correct to assume that it might be my broadband speed causing this?

    How do i setup picons to match my bouquet?


    • Broadband speed would indeed be one cause of the stuttering, I would also go to the advanced options in the providers screen and try different iptv types which can often help depending on your url config and provider setup.
      The picons need to be added to the control panel by your provider 1st and then you need to enable the picons option in suls and finally have picons option enabled in the skin you are using.


    • Hi mate, apologies been very busy with work, check out the “Tweaking the Bouquets and channels available” on my suls guide that will allow you ignore/skip certain bouquets


      • I set enabled = false and ftp the file back to receiver,
        Run the plugin,
        and enabled is automatically set to true again.

        help ?


  9. Hi, really struggling with setting this up on vu. It’s an older box vu solo, dunno if this matters. I’ve got the m3u text in place, green tick on provider but when I run it takes 1 second and there are no channel list created. Does it matter which firmwares are used ?


    • I have seen some issues being reported with blackhole in the past but I have used openatv without issue for a long time on all my boxes, I would recommend double checking your username, password and URL for typos and also checking that the nameservers are resolving the URL (add as a name server)


    • Nice guide.. I have everything up and running on version 0.8.2 on openatv6.3my only problem is that when i have maneged my Channels in order as I like them, they go back to how they where wen it update.. Any suggestions on how to solve this?


      • I assume this is for IPTV bouquets created by the script and not all fta channels etc, 1st double check that you have saved the updates replacing the word current in the filename with override and uploaded them back to the same /etc/enigma2/e3m3u2bouquet folder, then check that autobouquet maker is set to iqnore the non ABM bouquets


      • did you managed to solve this issue? i would very much like to know if you have and can guide me, as i am like you. i spend weeks rearranging channels and folders, but when i do update they go back to how they were setup initially by the provider. please let me know or guide me to solve this issues, cheers


  10. Hi Tommy, many thanks for this great guide. I have over 20 auto-updating playlists now working in v0.8.2 that contain up to 10000 free IPTV channels.


  11. Thank you for the well written guide. My question is can I adapt this script (I’m not a coder, but I can try if needed!) to create bouquets from a previously downloaded m3u playlist? So I have the m3u already, now I’d simply like to convert that into bouquet(s).

    Would this be possible or perhaps there is some other way to achieve the same thing?

    Many thanks,

    — Tom


  12. How can I hide the provider name from the bouquets?

    Ie provider name = UK so my bouquets are prefixed UK – Movies

    I’d like to remove the UK –

    Any ideas?


  13. Hi
    I don’t understand one thing. When adding Provider name you say “In the plugin main menu click on run” but I don’t see a run option, although the config file seem to have created. Then you say run again after adding info on the xml file but again I don’t see a “Run” option in the plugin menu.


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